• Auto Decal
  • Obtain at Town Hall - $27 for automobiles and $8 for trailers.

  • Auto Registration and Drivers License
  • Obtain from DMV office across street from Town Hall.

  • Building Permits and Codes
  • Building permits are issued by the County. Information is available on their web page. Check with the Town Office to determine if a zoning approval is needed for your project prior to obtaining a Building permit from the County.

  • Business License
  • Obtain at Town Hall. The annual fee is determined by the type of business and gross receipts. The minimum annual fee in all categories is $30 and this is generally the fee for the first year of business.

  • Emergencies
  • Use 911 for medical, fire and police emergencies.

  • 911 Address
  • Within the county, there are special 911 addresses to assist emergency vehicles in finding locations. Within Onancock, it is simply your normal street address.

  • Garbage
  • Picked up weekly (Wednesday) via a town wide contract (which is billed quarterly along with your water and sewer bill). There are monthly special pickups. For details on both of these, go to the trash pickup information page.

  • Golf Carts in Town
  • Golf Carts and Utility Vehicles may be used on certain streets within the Town when driven by a licensed driver. These must be properly equipped - click here to see the golf cart ordinance.

  • Ordinances
  • Leash Law for Dogs: Yes - dogs must be on a leash when off your property. And, please pick up after your dog when walking them. The town has baggie stations set up throughout town for convenience in picking up and disposing of the pet mess.
    Zoning Ordinance: This is a large document (100+ pages). Onancock's Zoning Ordinances.pdf. See download forms in panel at left for Zoning Permit Application and Zoning Map.

  • Taxes
  • Meals Tax: 4%
    Personal Property Tax: $2 per $100 of value.
    County and Town Real Estate Taxes: The Town Tax Rate is .25/100 of Assessed Valuation; the County rate is .45/100.
    Transient Occupancy: In addition to the state sales tax, Bed & Breakfasts and Motels etc. collect a 4% Transient Occupancy Tax.

  • Utilities
  • Electricity: A&N Electric Cooperative (757) 787-9750
    Telephone::Verizon (757) 954-6222.
    Water and Sewer: See separate water page.