Matt Spuck -Town Manager

Matt Spuck joined the town staff in July 2020. His 30+ year professional background is in accounting, business operations, project management, grant writing, and administration.

The role of the Town Manager is diverse in that it oversees all activity for the Town.  He is the Treasurer, which includes all revenue and expenditures such as taxes, debt, and all financial transactions.  Matt directly manages all Public Works activity, which includes street maintenance, parks and landscaping, and all town projects.  The public utilities fall under his leadership which includes managing the distribution and collection systems, water quality and reporting, and billing.  The Town Council hires the Police Chief, but the Chief reports directly to the Town Manager who reviews police performance, directs the use of all resources and strategic direction of the department.

The Harbormaster manages day-to-day operations of the Wharf & Marina, but Matt directs all repairs, maintenance, and capital projects.  The Town Manager serves as the Zoning Administrator for the town, which involves proposing edits to the town code enforcing ordinances in place and issuing zoning and building permits for certain construction and renovation projects.  Matt currently performs all functions related to town communications, website, social media, and advertising.

Additionally, he is responsible for writing, submitting, and managing all grants that bring in funds to improve the town without using taxpayer funds. The Town Manager and the Town Attorney are the only two positions that directly report to the Town Council.

Matt keeps as his mantra that his job description is to, “Increase vibrancy and value to Onancock while protecting its soul.”