Building or Renovations Process

The Town of Onancock outsources the issuance of Building Permits and Buildings Inspections to Accomack County Building and Zoning.  They are located in the Accomack County Administration building in Accomac.  Their telephone number is 757-787-5721.

BEFORE you bring your plans to the County you must obtain a signed Building and Zoning Permit from the Town of Onancock.

If your project disturbs land within 100′ of the Creek’s shoreline, you must complete a WQIA (Water Quality Impact Assessment) to determine if your project will impact the quality of the water in the Creek.

If your project requires a new connection to the Onancock drinking water distribution system, you must complete the application and pay the fee before any connection will be allowed.

Contact Information

Town Hall
15 North Street
Onancock, VA 23417