Notifications Required

If you move out of the town limits of Onancock, you must notify a few agencies.

  1. The Town.  As with any utility, we must close your account properly and transfer it to the new occupant.  If we don’t know when you move, we can charge you for water and sewer until the new account is opened.
  2. Department of Motor Vehicles.  If you neglect to notify the DMV that you are moving out of town, you will be charged for Personal Property Tax on your vehicle as if you never moved.  You must notify DMV of the change, and then they will notify the county and inform us.
  3. The Accomack County Assessor’s office.  As you know, the County taxes twice yearly and the Town once.  If you neglect to notify the County, you will receive a tax bill from them and the town.  The only way to adjust it after the fact is to file for an abatement with them.

Contact Information

Town Hall
15 North Street
Onancock, VA 23417