Tree Board

The Onancock Tree Board was created in 1990 due to a citizen volunteer effort to have the town named “Tree City USA.” The board comprises citizens (not just tree-related professionals) who are committed to protecting the town’s trees, gardens, and vegetation.  The Tree Board wants to educate residents about proper tree care and maintenance and a forward vision to keep Onancock a tree-shaded town for future generations.

These are just a few of the benefits the Tree Board gives to the town:

– Organize an annual Arbor Day celebration

– Establish and update “Specifications and Standards” for good tree care and management to ensure that safe, healthy trees contribute to the quality environment and preserve the town’s natural beauty.

– Research, develop, and update a list of desirable tree species for planting in the town. The board will also create a list of “not-suitable” trees for planting in town.

– Research, develop, and update a “Landscaping Ordinance” for new subdivisions and new commercial properties within the town limits so that trees will be part of these new developments.

– Write and implement an annual community forestry plan.

– Submit an annual Tree City application.

– Promote the importance of tree planting and tree care to residents of Onancock.

The Tree Board meets on the second Wednesday of the month (usually from Spring to Fall) at 6:00 PM in the Onancock Town Council Chambers at 15 North Street, Onancock, VA 23417.

The current members of the board are:




Bill Burnham


Ray Burger

Town Council Representative

Jay Davenport


Joani Donohoe


Pat Fleck


Shannon Gordon


Robbie Lewis


Heather Silverman


Contact Information

Town Hall
15 North Street
Onancock, VA 23417