Any Work or Disruption Near the Creek

Onancock Creek is one of our most treasured resources, and, as we should, we protect it carefully.

Any disruption within 100′ landward of the shorelines is reviewed critically by the Town and Virginia’s Department of Environmental Quality.

One key concept for you to consider if your project disrupts the land in any way within the RPA (Resource Protection Area – 100′) requires a WQIA form (Water Quality Impact Assessment).  Performing work inside the RPA without this approved form can result in substantial fines, including dismantling your project.

If you witness any work along the shoreline, including cutting vegetation, please contact the Town Hall.

If you want to build or perform a repair that involves a piling, you must complete the JPA form below.  The three organizations that are required to approve an application for a dock combined the applications to make it more manageable.  Here is that application:


All building and renovation projects require a Town Building and Zoning application

Building and Zoning Application

Contact Information

Town Hall
15 North Street
Onancock, VA 23417