Onancock Zoning Map

The purpose of the Onancock town zoning map is to visually represent and communicate the various zoning districts or zones within a municipality. Zoning maps are an essential component of the overall zoning ordinance, a set of regulations governing land use and development within a community.

Our Zoning Ordinances are governed by the Planning Commission, which meets on the first Monday of every month at 6 PM in the Town Hall.

The key purposes of a town zoning map include:

  • Regulating Land Use: Zoning maps delineate different land areas within Onancock according to specific zoning designations or classifications. These classifications typically specify permissible land uses, such as residential, commercial, agricultural, or mixed-use. Associated regulations, such as building height restrictions, setback requirements, and density limits, are assigned to each zoning designation.
  • Managing Growth and Development: Zoning maps help our Town Council manage growth and development by guiding where and how different types of development can occur within the town. Designating specific zoning areas helps maintain the character of neighborhoods, protect natural resources, and promote orderly development.
  • Protecting Property Values: Zoning maps protect property values by establishing compatible land uses and development standards. By separating incompatible land uses, such as business activities, from residential neighborhoods, zoning helps prevent nuisances and conflicts that could negatively impact property values.
  • Providing Legal Framework: Zoning maps provide a legal framework for land use regulation and enforcement. Property owners, developers, and other stakeholders can refer to the zoning map to understand the zoning regulations applicable to their property and ensure compliance with local ordinances when proposing new developments or land-use changes.
  • Informing Decision-Making: Zoning maps serve as valuable tools for decision-making by our local officials, planning commissions, developers, and community members. They visually represent the spatial distribution of land uses and zoning regulations, which can inform land use planning, zoning amendments, development review processes, and long-term community visioning efforts.

Overall, a town zoning map aims to establish a framework for guiding land use and development decisions, promoting orderly growth, protecting community character and natural resources, and ensuring compatibility between land uses.

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