Process for Moving In or Out


  • The existing tenant must schedule a final meter reading and provide a forwarding address and contact information.
  • If any balance remains on the account, the landlord is solely responsible, and services will not be activated until the balance is paid in full.
  • If no final reading is scheduled, the landlord or previous tenant is responsible for the bill no matter the move-out date.  Again, no service will be activated until the account balance is zero.
  • A final bill is sent, which includes gallons used from the last bill date to the final reading.
  • The new tenant needs to fill out a town Landlord-Tenant Agreement.  You will provide your current contact information and SSN.
  • We will turn your water on the date requested.  Someone must be present.


  • The Seller must provide a date for the final reading.
  • The Seller also must provide a forwarding address and contact information.
  • Water is disconnected if we do not hear from the Purchaser.
  • Purchaser must provide a copy of the deed from closing, SSN, and current contact information to activate water service.
  • There is a Reconnection due from the Purchaser if the water is disconnected. These fees appear on the first bill.
  • The Purchases can avoid disruption in service and the reconnection fee by contacting the Town before the closing and bringing a copy of the deed on the day of closing.

Please contact Town Hall with any questions.

Water and Sewer Information


Hampton Roads Sanitation District
Stephen Ray
Office: (757) 787-4274
After Hours or Emergency: (757) 710-5863

Town of Onancock – Drinking Water
Victor Talbot

Water Technician
Office: 757-787-3363
After Hours or Emergency: 757-302-9116