Water & Sewer Utility Information

Water and Sewer: The town’s central water supply and sanitary sewers cover most of Onancock.  As you may know, the Town decided to transfer ownership of the wastewater treatment plant to HRSD (Hampton Roads Sanitation District) to ensure more efficient and effective management of our wastewater.  Here are the rates:

Water Tiers

2024 Rates

First 3,000 gallons

$32.10 minimum

Next  12,000 gallons

$.0159 per gallon

Over 15,000 gallons

$.00785 per gallon

Sewer Tiers

2024 Rates

per 1,000 gallons


Garbage Pick up

2024 Rates

Ever other month


The Town still owns the water infrastructure and HRSD the Sewer. The town sends utility bills every other month. The due date is printed on every bill. If you have trouble paying your bill on time, contact the Town Hall, and we can set up a payment plan.

In late Summer of 2024, the water meters will all be replaced with remote-read meters.  They will be much more accurate and have leak notification capabilities, hopefully avoiding large bills. HRSD will take over all water, sewer, and garbage billing as the meters are replaced.  This is being done at no cost to the town, and the bills are printed on a full page and are much more informative and easier to read.

The town bills residents exactly what Davis charges the town.  Your fee only covers costs.

Water and Sewer Information


Hampton Roads Sanitation District
Stephen Ray
Office: (757) 787-4274
After Hours or Emergency: (757) 710-5863

Town of Onancock – Drinking Water
Victor Talbot

Water Technician
Office: 757-787-3363
After Hours or Emergency: 757-302-9116